Travel Nursing
Vita Teres Travel is here to simplify your travel experience. We understand that you don’t have the time or the desire to research every travel nurse company that’s in the market today. We take that hassle away and have pre-screened qualified travel nurse companies so you don’t have to.

By filling out our simple, 15 minute online application your information will be distributed to pre-approved travel nurse companies who will contact you for open travel positions in your selected specialties and desired geographic areas. You then choose who you want to work with for your next assignment. It’s that easy!

Ask yourself the following:

How many applications have you filled out with travel nurse companies? How long does that take you? 30 minutes? 1 Hour? Longer?

How many have led to actual assignments? How frustrating is the thought of applying to a new travel nurse company only to never hear from them?

Spend 15 minutes with us and we’ll do the work for you. We work with the top travel nurse companies to save you time and get you on your next assignment, as soon as you want. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a penny.

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