Vita Teres Travel knows there are difficult decisions when trying to decide which travel company will best suit your needs. We believe it’s important to be informed with what we can offer you. Here we have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions to assist you.

General Questions

By completing this application am I obligated and/or committed to anything?

No, you are not obligated nor committed to anything by submitting an application to Vita Teres Travel. Your information will be forwarded to pre-qualified travel nurse companies who have partnered with our organization.

Is there a fee associated by applying online?

No, there is never a fee to apply online. Our service is intended to help you find the best travel companies to work with based on our market research. Travel nurses utilize us to act as an agent to source their skill sets to travel companies nationwide. We take the pain out of their application process and narrow your search of potential companies to the best of the best.

How long will this application take me?

Generally our application will take no longer than 15 minutes for you to fill out and you can do this at your convenience and in the comfort of your home.

Will this substitute an application that I would have to fill out for another travel nurse company?

No, each organization will have their own respective application and credentialing process for you to go through. However, this will provide them a solid basis of information to streamline your conversation and will help eliminate describing in detail your previous experiences and preferences for your ideal travel assignment.

Travel Nurse Information

Why should I be a travel nurse?

As a travel nurse you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful cities this country has to offer and gain valuable experience working in acute care facilities in a variety of different settings. Build your skill sets working within new cultures and broaden your knowledge learning from new environments, new techniques and new colleagues. What other industry offers you the opportunity to travel across the country in your selected profession and have someone cover the majority of your expenses to do so?!

Can I be a travel nurse as a new grad?

Unfortunately, no, as most acute care hospitals require a minimum of 12-24 months of current, applicable experience.

Will I be bombarded by calls from recruiters?

No, we are very selective in travel companies we partner with to ensure we have the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and actual available assignments for you to make this a relevant and valuable use of your time. Only those who meet our standards will contact you.

How can I ensure the best experience with a travel company?

Ask questions… lots of them. Be up front and diligent with your recruiter(s). Make sure that you are clear and communicate what you are looking for with your recruiter(s). Consider your relationship a partnership and work together to find a perfect assignment for you. A good recruiter has the ability to be friendly, offer insight and guidance through the application and placement process and has great knowledge of the travel industry. Be flexible and have a willingness to meet new people. Enjoy the experience and come to each new assignment with an open mind, positive outlook and a willingness to learn.

If there is a travel company I do not want to work with how can I ensure they won’t call me?

In the comments section of the application please list any companies in which you would not like your information distributed to. We respect your privacy and wishes and will adhere to all requests you make.

Travel Assignment Information

How long after I fill out your application until I can begin my next assignment?

Once you complete your application it will be distributed to approved travel companies who have partnered with Vita Teres Travel. They will do their best to find an assignment with a start that begins on the date you selected on your profile.

How long are typical assignments?

Assignments are typically 13 weeks but can range from 8 weeks to 26 weeks.

What is the licensing process for each state I wish to work in?

Each state will vary for length of time to be properly licensed as a registered nurse. Contact the appropriate state board of nursing to find the specific details: https://www.ncsbn.org/515.htm. If you have a compact license you will have a much easier time traveling within the 23 participating states. For more information on compact licenses please visit https://www.ncsbn.org/158.htm.

If I like my assignment can I extend it?

Hopefully yes. This is dependent upon the census of the facility and your performance during your assignment. Many travelers extend for multiple assignments to help with continuity of care.


What is the pay and benefits offered to a travel nurse?

Pay and benefits will vary by travel company and by geographic region. Expect to be offered either straight hourly pay or a blended rate to include hourly pay, private housing and travel reimbursements as well as health insurance, 401k, variety of bonus offerings, etc. You may qualify and be eligible for tax free stipends. Be sure to ask your recruiter(s) what the best pay package is for each assignment and what options are available for you. It is a good idea to consult a tax advisor to ensure you qualify and fully understand your compensation package if offered tax free stipends.

Is my travel reimbursed?

Nearly all travel companies offer travel reimbursement. The great aspect of the reimbursement is that it is tax free! Please check with your recruiter(s) to see what rate is offered for your assignment.

Do I qualify for any bonuses?

You may! It is in your best interest to ask if there is a bonus tied to each assignment. There may be a completion bonus available so make sure to bring this up with your recruiter(s).

Housing/Travel Information

What type of housing will be provided for me?

Most travel companies arrange a one bedroom private housing apartment for you. They will ask a questionnaire of you to find out what your preferences are, including area, if you have family and/or friends traveling with you, amenities, etc. Think beforehand as to what is important so you can accurately communicate to your recruiter(s).

What if I decide to arrange my own housing or stay with a family member or friend instead of selecting the housing option?

That’s perfectly okay! In lieu of this, most companies will offer you a housing stipend for your own housing.

I have pet(s), can they travel with me?

Typically there will always be a way to arrange for your pet to travel with you; however, this is solely up to the travel company and you to arrange. It may require additional costs that could impact your compensation. Ask your recruiter(s) at the beginning of the process so they can factor this into your compensation and housing package.

How do I arrange transportation?

The majority of travel companies will assist in travel arrangements and provide a reimbursement up to a certain level for expenses. It is recommended that you bring your own car to enjoy and get to know the new city that you will be traveling to. In some instances where public transportation is widely used and/or parking is an issue it may be best to keep your automobile at your permanent address. Either way, make sure all is agreed upon with your recruiter(s) prior to beginning your assignment.

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to email us at questions@vitaterestravel.com.

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