How do your recruiters source for new travel nurses?

Trade Magazines?
Recruiting Fairs?
Job Boards?
Social Media?

Resume Databases?
Direct Mail?
PPC/Sponsored Search?
Referral Bonus?

What is your monthly expenditures on these resources? Most likely this is thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars per month, not including the time invested by your team to fully utilize these tools. Are you getting a material return on this investment?

Generally speaking, our research has shown the above recruiting techniques provide a low value return yet are traditional tools that are the sole recruiting methodology used by travel nurse companies. The market has evolved where travel nurses do not need to post resumes, go to career fairs, respond to direct mailers, etc. They are turning more towards the internet to perform their own due diligence to select a travel company that best suits what they are looking for.

So why become a Sponsor Company on Vita Teres Travel? You will have access to these same nurses who are efficiently looking to find a select few travel nurse companies to partner with. Travel nurses utilize us to act as an agent to source their skill sets to travel companies nationwide. We take the pain out of their application process and narrow their search of potential companies to the best of the best. These qualified candidates will be sent directly to your pre-selected e-mail inbox to distribute to your recruiting team.

Further, we attract nurses at a significantly higher rate than traditional recruiting methods so your recruiters will have a larger pool to qualify candidates and ultimately place new travel nurses on assignments at your facilities. Apply below to become a Sponsored Company at Vita Teres Travel!

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